Everything is Filk LIVE! at Dragon Con 2018

Sep 7, 2018

Welcome back for another year of Everything is Filk with Andrew McKee MIKEY MASON Live at Dragon Con 2018!

Mikey Mason joins us as a last-minute host in this episode (Thanks to poor Andrew getting stuck in the AmericasMart after a Brobdingnagian Bards show there) and he got to talk to Nick Edelstein in front of our fans! Andrew slips in after his escape from the AmericasMart after we started recording the episode, traditional rum bucket in hand for Mikey 🙂

Thank y’all so much for coming out and supporting the track and our performers – we love you & would love to see you (and hear you on our live podcast) during the 2019 show! Don’t forget to rate our shows and track in the App!

Questions or comments for Andrew? Email him at filk@andrewmckee.com

Many thanks to Andrew for taking the time to spotlight our track this year, and stay tuned for more of our track highlights to be featured on this year’s podcasts!






Everything is Filk LIVE! at Dragon Con 2018