About the Podcast

What the heck is this ‘Filk’ thing all about?

About the Podcast

Once upon a time, the Filk Music Track at Dragon Con asked Andrew McKee if he’d be interested in helping out a little project that they had to help promote their fledgling track get the word out. Andrew graciously agreed.

And so began the life of this podcast, Everything is Filk with Andrew McKee. While we started primarily to promote the performers that were coming to Dragon Con each year, we’re looking to expand out our reach to share what everyone out in the wide, wild world of Filk is doing.  


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The PDX Broadsides

For our final Dragon Con 2019 Podcast, Andrew fills out the Filk Music Track performer roster with House Band The PDX Broadsides! They are so excited to be back for their second year at Dragon Con, and are participating on the Filk Music Track for our first panel and a show.  They chat with Andrew about all of the things that they’ve been up to since the last Dragon Con, including their newest album, Relatable Content, and their very first East Coast Tour later this year!